Tesoro-Sivota - Luxury Apartments for Rent

Tesoro-Sivota Luxury Apartments for Rent

Your stay in style

We welcome you to the luxurious TESORO apartments for rent in Syvota, Thesprotia. This is a newly built accommodation located in the center of Sivota.

We have created for you a unique aesthetic complex of two luxurious apartments with well-equipped kitchens, spacious bathrooms and highly aesthetic bedrooms. In the outdoor area of the accommodation you will find the swimming pool, the BBQ, the wood oven and the flower garden. In our apartments you will be given the opportunity to relax and spend pleasant moments with your beloved ones so that you feel at home.

Starting from your home to TESORO, all you need to take with you are your suitcases since we have taken care of everything else. Having as our concern the hospitality, the service, the relaxation of the guest, all we seek is your return to our apartments. "Comfortable, modern and luxurious!"- Vassilis Hur.


Luxury Rooms

Your satisfaction is our prioriy

At Tesoro-Sivota, your own relaxation experience begins and ends in the luxurious apartments of 61 sq.m. each, that we provide.

We are in Syvota, Thesprotia, where the green nature meets the sea. Sivota is now well known as a tourist destination and is surrounded by some really beautiful turquoise beaches. The location of Tesoro-Sivota is very close to the center of Sivota where if one wishes to go there, no means of transport will be needed. Most of the beaches of Sivota can be visited by means of transport within 5-10 minutes of the hour.
One visit is enough to convince you that you will discover a special and hard-to-find beauty of Greece compared to the most famous summer destinations!

Explore the area around Sivota, Thesprotia

The area of Sivota of Thesprotia is surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches of Greece and as a destination has established itself as an international standard for summer getaways.

Sivota and the wider area

Sivota and the wider area The Caribbean of Thesprotia, Sivota, is only 25 km. far from the nearest international port, of Igoumenitsa. It is a beautiful settlement, built on a landscape...



The beaches in the wider area around Sivota are simply wonderful. Combined with the scenery and the short distances, relaxation should be taken for granted. Below, you can see graphically...


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