Environmental Policy
Tesoro at Sivota, Thesprotia - Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

The active contribution to the protection of the environment for a better future of the planet is the business of all of us. Both as the management and all the staff of TESORO, knowing the importance of protecting the environment in general, but also specifically for the development of tourism, we apply an Environmental Management policy, which covers all the activities and services of the accommodation. We aim at the rational use and management of natural resources, protection from pollution, as well as the utilization of mild and renewable energy sources.

Swimming pool with salt electrolysis

Salt electrolysis is one of the most user-friendly and environmentally friendly ways to disinfect pool water. In this way, the quality of the water is extremely improved, reducing the use of chemicals by 80%. The salt electrolyte continuously recycles the salt so that no residues are created that burden the environment. Salt electrolysis is currently the healthiest way to disinfect pool water. The pool is automatically disinfected in a more natural way for the human body and more environmentally friendly.

Led Lighting

LED lighting offers huge energy savings. LEDs have a long life and are more environmentally friendly than conventional lamps, while at the same time they do not contain dangerous toxic materials. The benefits are multiple since ergonomics, environmental protection and energy saving are ensured.

Eco Design air-conditioning units

For the cooling/heating of the apartments, ecologically designed air conditioners are used, which have low consumption and high energy efficiency. Reduced emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is yet another advantage of these air conditioners. These air conditioners are not only environmentally friendly but also offer significant savings in electricity consumption during their operation.

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