As for Tesoro's exterior, on the front side is the property's swimming pool where sunbeds and umbrellas are offered to bathers. You can start your day by having your breakfast by the pool and then enjoy your swim. You can also relax sunbathing in the green lawned garden.

At the side of the property, the multitude of flowers in the garden create a feast of colors that generously offer such a beautiful sight to your eyes. The aroma of flowers and herbs that the breeze spreads in the space trigger feelings of well-being.

At the back is the BBQ and the wood oven. In this space you can create your own culinary delights and share them with your beloved ones. Also, in the same space there is a dining room where you can have lunch or dinner.



We invite you to Sivota in Thesprotia for the most idyllic vacation you have ever dreamed of. The luxurious facilities, quietness, cleanliness, comfort and hospitality are elements that we can guarantee you so that your summer holidays will be unforgettable. Our accommodation has two comfortable apartments where the atmosphere of discreet luxury prevails.

Each apartment is 61 sq.m. consists of two spacious bedrooms, equipped with comfortable anatomical mattresses, while at the same time offering you the choice of a double or two single beds. Each bedroom has satellite TV and a luggage rack. In the accommodation there is Wi-Fi in all areas, a safe, a clothes iron, comfortable bathrooms with a built-in hairdryer, a living room and a fully equipped kitchen. In order to offer you the comforts of your home, we have equipped each kitchen with a refrigerator, electric stove, microwave oven, coffee maker, toaster, kettle, multi-cutter and all the necessary kitchen utensils.

Upon agreement we are able to provide you with a washing machine and clothes dryer. Each apartment has 3 air conditioners, one in the living room and one in each bedroom. We can accommodate up to six (6) people in each of them, while for our little friends there is also a playpen. Each apartment has independent access and all have comfortable terraces overlooking the property's garden and swimming pool. Outside, there is a private free parking space.


Environmental Policy

The active contribution to the protection of the environment for a better future of the planet is the business of all of us. Both as the management and all the staff of TESORO, knowing the importance of protecting the environment in general, but also specifically for the development of tourism, we apply an Environmental Management policy, which covers all the activities and services of the accommodation. We aim at the rational use and management of natural resources, protection from pollution, as well as the utilization of mild and renewable energy sources.

Swimming pool with salt electrolysis

Salt electrolysis is one of the most user-friendly and environmentally friendly ways to disinfect pool water. In this way, the quality of the water is extremely improved, reducing the use of chemicals by 80%. The salt electrolyte continuously recycles the salt so that no residues are created that burden the environment. Salt electrolysis is currently the healthiest way to disinfect pool water. The pool is automatically disinfected in a more natural way for the human body and more environmentally friendly.

Led Lighting

LED lighting offers huge energy savings. LEDs have a long life and are more environmentally friendly than conventional lamps, while at the same time they do not contain dangerous toxic materials. The benefits are multiple since ergonomics, environmental protection and energy saving are ensured.

Eco Design air-conditioning units

For the cooling/heating of the apartments, ecologically designed air conditioners are used, which have low consumption and high energy efficiency. Reduced emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is yet another advantage of these air conditioners. These air conditioners are not only environmentally friendly but also offer significant savings in electricity consumption during their operation.


Tesoro-Sivota - Luxury Apartments for Rent

At a distance of only 25 km. from Igoumenitsa, in the Carribean of Greece, Sivota of Thesprotia, you will find Tesoro, a family unit for renting apartments in a quiet area within the settlement, ideal to offer the visitor unforgettable and carefree escapes since it combines quietness with the hustle and bustle. Built from carved stone, Tesoro was created with a lot of care and love!

In the TESORO complex we have 2 comfortable, luxurious apartments with independent access. Each consists of two bedrooms, one bathroom, as well as a common living area and a fully equipped kitchen. The apartments are synonymous with authentic luxury, made to create the feeling of a sophisticated environment that will delight you. Each space was designed so that the visitor can enjoy functional comforts in a pleasant atmosphere.

Its privileged location, just 500 meters from the central square, allows you to visit the center of Sivota on foot without using a means of transport. Most beaches are just a few minutes away by car, while the beach of Zavia can be visited on foot in less than 10 minutes.

Its privileged location, just 500 meters from the central square, allows you to visit the center of Sivota on foot without using a means of transport. Most beaches are just a few minutes away by car, while the beach of Zavia can be visited on foot in less than 10 minutes.

In the small cosmopolitan resort of Epirus you can add to your vacation experiences that bring each of us closer to nature, such as hiking, cycling and water activities. Tesoro can be the base of your daily excursions, whether they have to do with the sea or the mountains! At night you don't really need a car to enjoy your drink since you can easily walk to and from the village's coffee bars.

Tesoro is an ideal setting for an unforgettable personal and family summer vacation. The amenities provided guarantee a comfortable and pleasant stay during your summer excursion. Starting from your home to Tesoro, all you need to take with you are your bags, everything else is taken care of by us. Having as our concern the hospitality, the service, the relaxation of the customer, we seek your return to us to be your goal.

We will be very happy to meet you!!


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