Sivota and the wider area
Sivota, Thesprotia - Drone View

Sivota and the wider area

Sivota and the wider area

The Caribbean of Thesprotia, Sivota, is only 25 km. far from the nearest international port, of Igoumenitsa. It is a beautiful settlement, built on a landscape full of romance. It is surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and as a destination it has established itself in international standards for summer getaways. The ever-increasing tourism has not altered the image of the region.

Some of the most famous beaches within walking distance of the settlement of Sivota are Mega Ammos and Mikri Ammos, Zavia, Gallikos Molos, Pisina, Bella Vraka, ZeriMega Ntrafi and Agia Paraskevi . You can see some of them in the photos listed below.


Access to Sivota is now a decision and only with the excellent road network where via the Egnatia Road. Igoumenitsa is accessible even from Alexandroupoli. At the same time, with the construction of Ionia Street, access has become easier even from Athens.

Through these road axes, the settlement gathers many visitors from all over Greece, while at the same time more and more visitors make their getaways to Sivota and the surrounding area from Central and Northern Europe, the Balkan Peninsula, Italy, and even from Russia!

Relaxation and activities

The beaches of Sivota, organized and not, contribute the most in terms of location and view in order to fully satisfy the public that visits them every summer. With their blue-green colors, their effect is such that Sivota is now among the most enchanting destinations in our country. Bathers at the area's beaches realize why Sivota has nothing to envy to popular outdoor destinations.

Therefore, by leaving his bags at our accommodation, the traveler can immediately enjoy the peaceful landscape of the area and calm down from his daily routine! There are plenty of bars/clubs as well as taverns for all tastes, ready to serve at any time!

From activities, hobby anglers will be more than satisfied. The destination also offers diving, sailing and various other water sports. In certain places around Sivota, one will be able to find water slides, thus serving our little friends (and not only)!


Excursions to Paxos-Antipaxos and the surrounding settlements are organized on a daily basis. Parga is also a short distance away. One could also visit the springs of Acheron where one can go for paragliding, trekking, canoe kayaking etc. Museum lovers could also visit the modern Igoumenitsa Museum. In addition, the traveler is given the opportunity to visit various archaeological sites in the wider area, such as Ancient Gitani, Dymokastro, Elea, the Tower of Ragion, Ancient Fanoti-Doliani and the Necromanteion near the springs of the Acheron!

Ioannina, Corfu and Aktio in Preveza have the closest international airports. The Ionia Odos combined with the Egnatia Odos, as road axes, have made Sivota a must travel destination!

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