Sivota and the wider area

Sivota and the wider area

The Caribbean of Thesprotia, Sivota, is only 25 km. far from the nearest international port, of Igoumenitsa. It is a beautiful settlement, built on a landscape full of romance. It is surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and as a destination it has established itself in international standards for summer getaways. The ever-increasing tourism has not altered the image of the region.

Some of the most famous beaches within walking distance of the settlement of Sivota are Mega Ammos and Mikri Ammos, Zavia, Gallikos Molos, Pisina, Bella Vraka, ZeriMega Ntrafi and Agia Paraskevi . You can see some of them in the photos listed below.


Access to Sivota is now a decision and only with the excellent road network where via the Egnatia Road. Igoumenitsa is accessible even from Alexandroupoli. At the same time, with the construction of Ionia Street, access has become easier even from Athens.

Through these road axes, the settlement gathers many visitors from all over Greece, while at the same time more and more visitors make their getaways to Sivota and the surrounding area from Central and Northern Europe, the Balkan Peninsula, Italy, and even from Russia!

Relaxation and activities

The beaches of Sivota, organized and not, contribute the most in terms of location and view in order to fully satisfy the public that visits them every summer. With their blue-green colors, their effect is such that Sivota is now among the most enchanting destinations in our country. Bathers at the area's beaches realize why Sivota has nothing to envy to popular outdoor destinations.

Therefore, by leaving his bags at our accommodation, the traveler can immediately enjoy the peaceful landscape of the area and calm down from his daily routine! There are plenty of bars/clubs as well as taverns for all tastes, ready to serve at any time!

From activities, hobby anglers will be more than satisfied. The destination also offers diving, sailing and various other water sports. In certain places around Sivota, one will be able to find water slides, thus serving our little friends (and not only)!


Excursions to Paxos-Antipaxos and the surrounding settlements are organized on a daily basis. Parga is also a short distance away. One could also visit the springs of Acheron where one can go for paragliding, trekking, canoe kayaking etc. Museum lovers could also visit the modern Igoumenitsa Museum. In addition, the traveler is given the opportunity to visit various archaeological sites in the wider area, such as Ancient Gitani, Dymokastro, Elea, the Tower of Ragion, Ancient Fanoti-Doliani and the Necromanteion near the springs of the Acheron!

Ioannina, Corfu and Aktio in Preveza have the closest international airports. The Ionia Odos combined with the Egnatia Odos, as road axes, have made Sivota a must travel destination!



The beaches in the wider area around Sivota are simply wonderful. Combined with the scenery and the short distances, relaxation should be taken for granted. Below, you can see graphically some information about these beaches.

Mega Ammos Beach Sivota

Mega Ammos Beach Sivota

From its name we can see that it is the largest beach of Sivota. It is a beautiful beach with pebbles and cool blue-green waters. The incredible color of the sea and the green landscape that surrounds it, create an idyllic image.. It has an organized beach with umbrellas and sunbeds and many activities for lovers of water sports.

In its small taverns, you can taste fresh fish. Access by car is easy, while parking can be found at the beach restaurants.

Mikri Ammos beach Sivota

Mikri Ammos beach Sivota

It is the favorite beach of the youth where the fun is evident. It is an oasis of coolness in hot weather as its cool waters offer you a unique sense of well-being. Its picturesqueness is unique as it combines green waters with intense vegetation above the rocks.

It is an organized beach where you can eat, as well as enjoy your coffee on its sunbeds.

Zavia beach Sivota

Zavia Beach Sivota

It is a small picturesque beach where it is surrounded by a green landscape. The shade of the trees reaches the crystal clear waters of the beach. It has sunbeds and umbrellas as well as a canteen where you can get various snacks, coffee and soft drinks.

In addition, you can also rent boats to discover beaches that are not accessible by land.

Agia Paraskevi beach Sivota

Tesoro Sivota - Agia Paraskevi beach

It took its name from the homonymous church of Agia Paraskevi which is located at the edge of the beach. Even before one goes down to the beach, the turquoise waters combined with the green environment compensate even the most demanding visitor. Its waters are crystal clear like a swimming pool and warm, you can see the bottom even at the deepest point. In front of it, there is a small island where the holidaymaker visits by swimming.

There are many café-bars and tavernas, as well as boats for rent.

Gallikos Molos beach Sivota

Gallikos Molos beach Sivota

A beach with white pebbles and sand, clear blue waters and green vegetation that embraces it. Its waters are warm and its view is unique towards the islets of Sivota. The sailboats that surround it also create a special sensation.

It has a tavern where visitors can eat or enjoy their coffee.

Dei beach Sivota

Tesoro Sivota - Dei beach

It is located at the northernmost edge of Sivota in a pine-covered area. The beach is very small with pebbles and warm waters. It is only 2 km from Sivota. The view of the sunset is unique.

At the beach bar, sunbeds are available for rent and there is a coffee bar.

Bella Vraka beach Sivota

Bella Vraka beach Sivota

It is a small, picturesque and sandy beach which gathers many tourists. Its exotic beach connects Sivota with the islet of Mourtemeno. To visit it, one literally walks through the sea. Park your car above the beach and go down the specially designed alley.

You won't find a cooler for drinks or snacks, so it's best to be stocked accordingly.

Pisina beach Sivota

Pisina beach Sivota

It is located on the islet of Agios Nikolaos. It is only accessible by sea by boat or water taxi. One can easily conclude from its name that its waters are clear blue, like those of a swimming pool. The beach with its white sand is small and in the summer months it is visited by many tourists.

The beach is not organized and therefore it is good to stock up with all the necessary things.

Mega Ntrafi beach Sivota

Tesoro Sivota - Mega Ntrafi beach

It is a quiet beach with deep water, pebbles and stones and faces an open bay. The beach is served by a canteen. The beach is suitable for snorkeling.

The underwater scenery is nice with stone walls going down directly to the sea floor.

Zeri beach Sivota

Zeri beach Sivota

Beach ideal for children as the waters are warm and shallow, while at the same time there are water slides a short distance away. The beautiful enclosed picturesque bay creates an idyllic setting.

One can find boats for hire, showers and a cafe bar / restaurant.


Theatre - Manteio Dodoni

The Ancient Theater of Dodoni dates back to the 3rd century BC. It was built during the reign of Pyrrhus. It was destroyed and repaired twice, first by the Aetolians and then by the Romans during antiquity. The well-known oracle of Dodoni was open-air and gave oracles that came from the blows created when its copper boilers hit each other or from the rustling of tree leaves and birds. Their oracles were interpreted by priests and priestesses.


Nearby Getaways


Tesoro Sivota - The island of Corfu

A cosmopolitan island with plenty of museums and archaeological sites. It stands out for its artistic tradition and its unique architecture, the beautiful view with the unique sunset that it can offer to the visitor as well as the nightlife.

The historic center of Corfu has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Tesor Sivota - The island of Paxoi

An island known for its excellent beaches and turquoise waters, It is a magnet for tourists from all over the world. There are daily routes from Sivota to Paxos for one-day excursions. According to mythology, Paxos was created by Poseidon, who hit Corfu with his trident, resulting in a part of it being cut off, which we still know today as the island of Paxos!

In 2004, Paxos was distinguished as a cultural village of Europe.


Tesoro Sivota - Parga

It is only 35 km from Sivota. A traditional settlement, amphitheatrically built under the shadow of its Venetian castle. Its cobbled streets as well as its sandy beaches are flooded with crowds in the summer months. During the Hellenistic period, Parga was referred to as Toryni. There are also many churches in Parga that are worth seeing.

Don't neglect to visit the castle as well as the island opposite!



Lefkada is a beautiful island with incredible beaches on its western side such as Agios Nikitas, Porto Katsiki, Egremnoi, Kastro, Pefkoulia, Kathisma, Gialos, Mylos and several others. The residents are famous for their hospitality and as a tourist destination it is one of the most suitable for families. It is suitable for relaxation as the rhythm of life on the island is not particularly intense. It is an ideal destination for families. On the east side of the island you will find the beautiful Nydri and on the south Vasiliki from where you can rent water taxis or take one-day cruises to other Ionian islands!

It is also worth mentioning that you will not need a ferry boat to access Lefkada since you can go with your vehicle via the bridge that connects the island to mainland Greece.


Archaeological Sites

Some of the archaeological sites in the area are listed below. The visitor will certainly not be disappointed. The wider area is rich in history and new evidence/findings regarding the past are constantly coming to the surface through the excavations that are carried out.

Archaeological Museum of Igoumenitsa

The new Archaeological Museum of Igoumenitsa has to display valuable exhibits, the product of excavations, from the Paleolithic to the Byzantine era. The Museum's operation began in 2009. The majority of exhibits date from the Hellenistic to the Roman period. There are also exhibits, which date back to the Ottoman Empire. A lending library also operates within the Museum.

Ancient Gytani - Gitana

Ancient Gitani was founded around 330 BC. It is surrounded by the Kalamas River and was one of the most famous commercial centers of the region at that time. The city during that period was perhaps the most important economic center of the wider region as it had also fulfilled the role of the capital of Ancient Thesprotia. Its population had reached 6,000 permanent residents. You will be able to see the acropolis, the theater, the walls as well as the rectory.


Very close to Karavostasi bay, is the archaeological site of Dymokastro. The settlement developed mainly during the 3rd century BC. and was later destroyed by the Romans. In the area, you will also be able to see the aqueduct as well as enjoy its wonderful view. The settlement continued to be inhabited until the 1st century AD. From 2000 to 2008, the works that were carried out highlighted the two citadels of the settlement.


The ancient Acropolis of Elea is located near Paramythia, near the village of Chrysavgi. It was founded around the year 350 BC. It was also the capital of Thesprotia! You can see here the walls which have been saved, arcades, the market and the theater. During its heyday, Elea had around 10,000 permanent residents.

Tower of Rayi

Η κατασκευή του πύργου του Ραγίου χρονολογείται κατά τον 19ο αιώνα. Μπορεί κανείς να τον επισκεφθεί από την παραλία του Δρεπάνου η οποία και είναι άμεσα προσβάσιμη από την πόλη της Ηγουμενίτσας. Ο πύργος κατασκευάστηκε από τους Τούρκους. Στην τοποθεσία όπου κατασκευάστηκε ο πύργος, βρίσκεται και ο αρχαιολογικός χώρος της Λυγιάς.

Ancient Fanoti - Doliani

From the tower of the acropolis of Archaia Fanotis, you can feel the awe of the Kalamas river gorge. Built on a hill, near the village of Parapotamos (about 10km away from the town of Igoumenitsa), the settlement developed rapidly during the Hellenistic period and reached around 1,600 permanent residents. One can tour the citadel, the walls.

Necromancy of Acheron

Near the village of Mesopotamos, there is the necromancy of Acheron. Here were also the Gates of the Underworld according to the Ancients where Odysseus wandering towards Ithaca after the Trojan War, met Achilles who had been killed during it. In the well-preserved ruins you can see the central hall and various corridors. It was destroyed by the Romans in the 2nd century BC.


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