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The beaches in the wider area around Sivota are simply wonderful. Combined with the scenery and the short distances, relaxation should be taken for granted. Below, you can see graphically some information about these beaches.

Mega Ammos Beach Sivota

Mega Ammos Beach Sivota

From its name we can see that it is the largest beach of Sivota. It is a beautiful beach with pebbles and cool blue-green waters. The incredible color of the sea and the green landscape that surrounds it, create an idyllic image.. It has an organized beach with umbrellas and sunbeds and many activities for lovers of water sports.

In its small taverns, you can taste fresh fish. Access by car is easy, while parking can be found at the beach restaurants.

Mikri Ammos beach Sivota

Mikri Ammos beach Sivota

It is the favorite beach of the youth where the fun is evident. It is an oasis of coolness in hot weather as its cool waters offer you a unique sense of well-being. Its picturesqueness is unique as it combines green waters with intense vegetation above the rocks.

It is an organized beach where you can eat, as well as enjoy your coffee on its sunbeds.

Zavia beach Sivota

Zavia Beach Sivota

It is a small picturesque beach where it is surrounded by a green landscape. The shade of the trees reaches the crystal clear waters of the beach. It has sunbeds and umbrellas as well as a canteen where you can get various snacks, coffee and soft drinks.

In addition, you can also rent boats to discover beaches that are not accessible by land.

Agia Paraskevi beach Sivota

Tesoro Sivota - Agia Paraskevi beach

It took its name from the homonymous church of Agia Paraskevi which is located at the edge of the beach. Even before one goes down to the beach, the turquoise waters combined with the green environment compensate even the most demanding visitor. Its waters are crystal clear like a swimming pool and warm, you can see the bottom even at the deepest point. In front of it, there is a small island where the holidaymaker visits by swimming.

There are many café-bars and tavernas, as well as boats for rent.

Gallikos Molos beach Sivota

Gallikos Molos beach Sivota

A beach with white pebbles and sand, clear blue waters and green vegetation that embraces it. Its waters are warm and its view is unique towards the islets of Sivota. The sailboats that surround it also create a special sensation.

It has a tavern where visitors can eat or enjoy their coffee.

Dei beach Sivota

Tesoro Sivota - Dei beach

It is located at the northernmost edge of Sivota in a pine-covered area. The beach is very small with pebbles and warm waters. It is only 2 km from Sivota. The view of the sunset is unique.

At the beach bar, sunbeds are available for rent and there is a coffee bar.

Bella Vraka beach Sivota

Bella Vraka beach Sivota

It is a small, picturesque and sandy beach which gathers many tourists. Its exotic beach connects Sivota with the islet of Mourtemeno. To visit it, one literally walks through the sea. Park your car above the beach and go down the specially designed alley.

You won't find a cooler for drinks or snacks, so it's best to be stocked accordingly.

Pisina beach Sivota

Pisina beach Sivota

It is located on the islet of Agios Nikolaos. It is only accessible by sea by boat or water taxi. One can easily conclude from its name that its waters are clear blue, like those of a swimming pool. The beach with its white sand is small and in the summer months it is visited by many tourists.

The beach is not organized and therefore it is good to stock up with all the necessary things.

Mega Ntrafi beach Sivota

Tesoro Sivota - Mega Ntrafi beach

It is a quiet beach with deep water, pebbles and stones and faces an open bay. The beach is served by a canteen. The beach is suitable for snorkeling.

The underwater scenery is nice with stone walls going down directly to the sea floor.

Zeri beach Sivota

Zeri beach Sivota

Beach ideal for children as the waters are warm and shallow, while at the same time there are water slides a short distance away. The beautiful enclosed picturesque bay creates an idyllic setting.

One can find boats for hire, showers and a cafe bar / restaurant.

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